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North Star Rubber Club

North Star Rubber Club is an informal social club (no dues or officers) for people into latex, industrial rubber, neoprene, spandex or sports gear. We are welcoming of people representing all gender identities throughout Minnesota and the surrounding area. 


Most of our sponsored events take place in Minneapolis, Saint Paul or the surrounding metropolitan area, but we encourage participation from others throughout the North Star state.  

We were founded in 2015 by a small group of rubbermen with a desire to build a larger rubber community in Minnesota. Originally know as Minneapolis Rubbermen in its first year, the name was changed to Twin Cities Rubbermen which helped it grow to 100+ people. The name was changed again in 2022 to North Star Rubber Club with the intention of greater inclusion and bringing in even more people to the organization. 

Our logo

The North Star Rubber Club logo is purposely designed after the logos of Chicago Rubbermen, Manchester Rubbermen, London, Barcelona, Vancouver, Toronto, etc.


The original concept for the overall design was by the late Sly Hands. Sly was a Manchester rubberman and MIR 2012. He had a vision for rubber clubs from around the world to share in the visual design we used in the logo. Our design contributes to that vision and connects us visually to global rubber clubs.

Our logo contains purposeful use of blue to represent the land of 10,000 lakes (and rivers) with waves behind the mask representing the flowing Mississippi River which starts its journey in northern Minnesota. The star images represent the North Star and our state motto, L'Etoile du Nord which is a French phrase meaning "The Star of the North."

Join us by adding your name to our email list so you can receive updates on our social events and activities. 

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